Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Gerard Way's Return To Music

By Vanessa Donadio

Singer, song-writer, comic book writer Gerard Way released a new song five days ago-just in time for Halloween. The lead of the former band My Chemical Romance came out with his first solo album “Hesitant Alien” in 2014 and has not produced any new music until now. The lyrical music video of the spooky song “Baby, you’re a Haunted House,” has already hit over a million views on Youtube.
Way’s songwriting skills are still apparent after taking a break from music. While the chorus is repetitive, the tune is very catchy, and the instruments fit together perfectly. Way’s idea for this song was that, metaphorically speaking, there is a haunted house in everyone. The lyrics represent the demons inside all of us, combined with the struggles of staying in love.
Through darkness and seeing the worst in the other person, there are times when we also see disaster in ourselves. Though hidden beneath hundreds of love songs with lyrics of adoration and affection, Way’s view of relationships is honest and real. Accepting someone for all their flaws and marching through the hard moments is scary, but when we learn to embrace love in all its imperfections, we just might “stay in love somehow.”