Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Stand Atlantic Creates Perfection In First Album

Skinny Dipping by Stand Atlantic
Album review by Amber Bliss

Amazing guitar riffs, booming drum fills, and epic vocals all weave perfectly within the new and highly anticipated Stand Atlantic album called Skinny Dipping. The Australian pop punk band first full album came crashing out on October 26th taking listeners by storm. The brightly colored piece of artwork viewed upon the album cover is just the beginning of what fans can look forward to. The masterpiece enclosed within holds ten songs including singles Lavender Bones and Lost My Cool. Other songs included are Bullfrog, Skinny Dipping, Speak Slow, Cigarette Kiss, Toothpick, Burn In The Afterthought, Roses, and Clay which features Creeper’s Hermione Greenwood. No matter what mood fans are in there is something for everyone and more. The album holds many potential pop punk anthems like Skinny Dipping and Bullfrog  as well as emotionally charged Toothpick.

This album features some of the best pop punk vocals you can find coming from Bonnie Frasier. This is featured throughout the entire album and makes you want more from Stand Atlantic. Along with her vocals, the sound is rounded out by Bonnie's guitar, David Potter's amazing bass playing and some kick ass drumming from the great Jonno Panichi.

Stand Atlantic is in the making of not only the next great pop punk band, but the next great band in general. Keep your eyes on them as they keep touring and support them by going to see them.

Album Score: