Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Importance Of Tribute Bands

By Daniel Nelligan

Your local bar band does covers and you might think they are pretty good, but what is the difference between them and a tribute band? A tribute band tries to recreate the exact feel of what the original band had. Whether it be from dressing up as the band or having the entire Pink Floyd production going on such as bands like The Machine. You can also see a tribute band add their own little flavor such as Nudist Priest, an ALMOST all nude Judas Priest cover band or about one of my all time favorites The Iron Madiens which is all all female tribute band of Iron Madien. Another of my favorite, but a little usual tribute band, Mac Sabbath. They are a McDonald's Black Sabbath cover band which actually rewrites the lyrics to fit the theme of McDonald's but in my mind its still a cover band.

These bands are important because for most bands, they keep the original bands spirit alive. They might be the only way to get the most authentic experience as possible. From Pink Floyd, The Beatles and to the many Grateful Dead bands, they bring the music to generations to come even though the band might have been done touring for decades all ready. Its important to keep these amazing bands alive, whether it be within parody or an authentic representation and recreation because the music is important for music preservation. If you haven't checked out a tribute band, my personal favorite touring cover band is coming to Buffalo Nov. 30th. Growing up, my favorite band was Oasis, however by the time I was able to get to concerts, the Gallagher brothers broke up the band and I was without my favorite band of all time. So go check out Supersonic: North America's Tribute to Oasis! It'll be a great time and they do a hell of a job recreating Oasis. Hope to see some of your faces there.