Sunday, December 2, 2018

Oasis Lives Forever Through Supersonic: North America's Tribute to Oasis

By Daniel Nelligan

A rather unique show took place on November 30th at the Leopard Lounge at The Town Ballroom in Buffalo, New York as two amazing tribute bands took the stage looking to recreate two of the most iconic bands from the 90s with Murmur being a R.E.M. tribute band from Syracuse, New York and Supersonic, an Oasis Tribute band from our neighbors to the north, Toronto, Canada.

The show opened with Murmur, and I have to say this now, if you closed your eyes during this entire show you might have thought it was the mid to late 90s and R.E.M. and Oasis are actually in the room with you. Mur Mur played all the R.E.M. hits and was an amazing open to a great night of music. Of course all of the hits like "End Of The World As We Know It," "Shiny Happy People," "Losing My Religion," and they played Matthew Peterson-Volz, the other contributor who attended this event, person favorite "Hello." If you like R.E.M. or want to experience a concert that brings you back to the 90s, Murmur is so great at both. What really stood out to me is of course the vocals of Keith Calveric who was spot on to the vocal stylings of Michael Stipe and Tommy Connors who shredded on his guitar and Mandolin. If you see Murmur back in the area again, go see these guys you won't be disappointed and sing your heart out with them! you can find them on Twitter @Murmurlive or on Facebook under Murmurlive.

When Supersonic stepped on stage after them, all my dreams were made. Growing up Oasis played a huge part in my life. Being somebody that has listened to Oasis, my heart has never burnt out for them since my childhood. They shaped me in such ways where the first songs I played in a band were Wonderwall and then Live Forever. So when I heard that Supersonic was playing in Buffalo, I knew that there was a mission that I had to go see these lads. Now, the first thing you notice when you see these guys, you wonder if Noel and Liam were just playing in a tribute band and weren't fighting. Dylan Shepherd and Steve Nyarady could be the long lost identical twin brothers of Noel and Liam. From their look to their vocals and not to mention everything else that they recreate perfectly they could fool you into being the Gallagher brothers. Now, saying that they played all the hits is a lie, because you could argue that 90% of all Oasis' discography are hits. However everything you could ever dream of being played by Oasis is covered here. From older earlier Oasis to the songs everybody knows its an amazing set all the way through. They had the crowd wanting more after perfect performances of songs like "She's Electric," "Wonderwall," "Half The World Away," "Live Forever," "Slide Away," "Champagne Supernova," and honestly what shocked me the most, and I think was the cherry on top of the performance was playing "I Am The Walrus" which yes is in the Oasis Discography. Go see this amazing band live whenever you get the chance as they do regularly tour North America, and you won't be looking back in anger. You can find Supersonic on facebook or on their twitter @super_sonicNA

Huge thanks for Supersonic for having us out!