Monday, January 14, 2019

Judah & The Lion Release Another In Their Pep Talks Series

by Daniel Nelligan

Judah & The Lion have released another single in this long line of songs that seems to be leading up to something big. "Over my head" seems to have more EDM elements that the usual sound that we are used to hearing from the boys in Judah & The Lion. That's definitely okay with me though, as the catchy drum beat and great lyrics has me adding this to my hype-up playlist right away. The lyrics in my opinion are the best part and its pretty self-explanatory that the song is about Judah being in over his head. Asking himself what his purpose is before he goes to sleep which just adds to long list of Judah & The Lion songs that are so relate-able and catchy that we come to expect from them. This just leaves me craving for more great songs by them in the future which seems to be in Feburary.