Tuesday, February 12, 2019

RCKLSS delivers in new EP: So Cynical

by Daniel Nelligan

The United Kingdom has become a huge hot spot for the Pop Punk genre. Hailing from across the pond in Brighton UK, RCKLSS is another band that I have come across at the beginning of this year that adds to the list of amazing up and coming bands from the UK. Their recent release puts on display everything that I love about this band since stumbling upon them. This EP features six songs of catchy lyrics that will get you singing along to. Every song has a something powerful about it which is something I couldn't describe more in detail I would just have to direct you to just listen to the entire thing yourself.

Recommended tracks: If I could put the entire EP here I would because its that good, but I would say the go to songs on here are "Tell You" and "Animals" but seriously listen to the entire thing!

Grade: 8.7/10

This definitely has the potential to have tracks on all of my playlist for years to come. Nothing but bright things for RCKLSS in the future and we at Punkstr wish them the best!