Wednesday, April 10, 2019

AJR Continues To Release Greatness (Dear Winter, 100 Bad Days, Birthday Party EP)

by Daniel Nelligan

Honestly, if you were to ask me to name a band that consistently puts out great music every time they drop something. I would direct you straight to AJR. They have been putting out some quality releases and this EP with 3 songs is no exception. 100 Bad Days is a song a reviewed before on the blog and it is on here to so I won't touch it. However I will be talking about Dear Winter, which has been stuck in my head since it was brought out and Birthday Party.

Dear Winter is a very beautiful acoustic song about a person thinking way ahead in his life about having a kid even though he doesn't even have a girlfriend yet. The song is lyrically beautiful with cute lines and are not cringy either! "You know I cannot wait to teach you how to curse
But shit, I gotta meet your mom first" is my favorite line from the song. You can catch me learning this song on my guitar or uke sometime soon.

Birthday Party is another one of those earworms that I haven't been able to shake and it seems that AJR does nothing but crank out earworms. Everything from the rhythm and flow of the music to the lyrics here is greatness in my opinion. I think this 3 song EP shows the variety that AJR can produce simply because all three of these songs are so different but still great. Birthday Party is a song tells the story of thinking and feeling everything is perfect however it addresses a lot of the things happening in the country such as immigrant rights. It is a very deep song, I totally recommend listening so you can experience this energetic song that addresses issues that I bet the majority of the readers here can relate too. "Thank you, for coming to my birthday party. I’m one minute old today and my minutes been going great, and I hope it stays that way" is the lyric from this song that really gives you the vibes of the song.

These three amazing songs are dropped early off of the AJR album "Neotheater" which will be dropped on April 26th, 2019, so if anybody needs me that day I'll have this album on repeat.