Saturday, April 27, 2019

thunderstorms & saltwater by angel heart review

By Daniel Nelligan

Angel Heart is a musician from Buffalo, New York who released her initial song last October, since then I've been obsessed with her sound. Described as Soft Indie, the sound is something I am new totally new too and am all for it.

thunderstorms & saltwater is her newest release April 26th 2019. The song features her vocals on top of a uke with some other background stuff. The song is a beautiful song about love, well about somebody leaving and coming to terms with the splitting apart. Its a short song, only about 2 minutes and change but it gets the point across and ends on a happy note saying that living out this next stage without this person could not go wrong. Super powerful lyrics in a beautiful song.

Check it out on bandcamp and support the artist here: