Friday, June 28, 2019

Neck Deep Suprises With New Single (Song Review)

By Daniel Nelligan

So yesterday Neck Deep absolutely blessed us with a surprise single and I apologize to my coworkers for my happy dance.  They released the song "She's A God" which is totally a different sound than the normal Neck Deep. The song is literally about “....pretty much about worshipping your other half” which was stated by the band theirselves on their social media. They went on to say "'She’s A God' is a song that is, pretty much, about worshipping your other half, but for the little things like waking up in the morning and seeing them get ready for the day. Those moments where you’re just in awe of how glorious a person can be. It’s pretty simple, no deeper meaning here, just a love song comparing a relationship to theology." The song absolutely will make you glow, it features a lighter side of Neck Deep and I am all for it! It gives me a lot of 90s alternative vibes while Neck Deep's own sound can be found within and I totally believe that is why I enjoy the song so much. Check out the music video above!

Neck Deep will be on tour with Blink-182 and Lil Wayne this summer. If anything go for Neck Deep! Their live show is something incomparable to anything else.