Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The '95 Sound - Desk Job. Album Review

By Daniel Nelligan

The '95 Sound by Desk Job. is a funky little pop punk album I stumbled upon earlier this week that I needed to bring to my readers. Who is Desk Job.? They are a band self described as Nashville Pop Punk. Their first full length offering came out in the form of The 95' Sound and in my opinion its something pretty different than the usual Pop Punk sound.

To describe the sound of the album of itself, imagine pop punk crossed with the sounds of Nashville. So you have a little bit of the country and southern rock vibes in the the instrumentals itself however the lyrics and vocalist come from the usual pop punk sound. This doesn't go for every song but you can hear the influences are there and its catchy.  Songs like Feel This Way, Trying To Help, and Reveries & Memories all give me that Nashville Country/Southern Rock vibe in the guitar. However you have songs like Warning Signs, Your World, and The Day That Everything Changed where they sound more of the pop punk sound that we have all come to love. 

I definitely recommend giving this album a listen as it is very different but enjoyable to listen to. I hope to hear more out of the people of Desk Job.!

Grade 7.5