Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Wrecks Are Freaking Out! (Song Review)

By Daniel Nelligan

The Wrecks have released a song I totally believe will be one of the songs we rate as "best of the summer" or even "best of the year." The released their newest song Freaking Out and it is definitely an anthem to scream along to with your buddies! The lyrics remind me very much of the bands like the Talking Heads and the music itself sounds like it take inspirations from bands like Cake or Grouplove. Its a very groovy tune that is catchy. It feels so well written that I have been FREAKING OUT (see what I did there) about how great it is! It definitely should have a lot of radio play from how catchy it is so be prepared to hear this song a lot!  Their signature sound is on display here a lot so if you like the Wrecks previous work you'll love this!