Thursday, January 2, 2020

Vanessa Donadio's Top 10 Albums Of 2019

Another year has passed and a new decade begins. Now that 2019 has officially ended, it’s time to look back on some of its best music releases. Here is my personal top ten list of the best albums of 2019.

#10: Happiness Begins by the Jonas Brothers.

The former Disney stars’ return as a band was exhilarating to most 20-something-year-olds and their new music shows that they’ve matured. The album, released in June, strayed away from the rock pop that the brothers were known for as teens, but the synth-pop appeals more to today’s audience and is easy to enjoy.

#9: Sucker Punch by Sigrid.

Sigrid is a Norwegian electro-pop singer who released her debut album, Sucker Punch, this past March. Her upbeat songs are worthy of radio-play while having meaning. Her spunky, fun attitude left an impression on each track, making them catchy and special. Plus, I had “Strangers” on repeat for awhile.

#8: Neotheater by AJR

The brothers of AJR released their third studio album in April, and they didn’t disappoint. The tracks focus on growing up and the odd situations that come with it. The sounds of each song are exciting and fresh, filling the record with bops. AJR never fails to keep it real in a way that makes you want to contemplate life while you bust a move.

#7: Love + Fear by Marina.

Marina shedded the rest of her stage name (“and the Diamonds”), and revealed her most vulnerable self. She produced beautiful, lighthearted ballads like “Handmade Heaven” and “Orange Trees,” as well as songs that showcase her insecurities, such as “Believe in Love” and “Too Afraid.” Her masterpiece on this album though, “To Be Human,” could possibly be her best work yet.

#6: Father of the Bride  by Vampire Weekend

After a quiet 6 years, Vampire Weekend have come back strong with some great, feel-good tunes. The sounds and ideas being expressed stand out from other music in the alternative genre and even shape it into something new. The life experiences of the band members shows and helps to create something meaningful.


Billie Eilish’s debut album was so successful that she broke records this past year, and knowing that she made most of the music with her brother in his small bedroom studio, makes it all the more noteworthy. Every track made a mark, encouraged some intense thoughts and showed off her impressive vocal talent.

#4: Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone

Post Malone is an undoubtedly talented rapper and singer who puts honesty and effort into his art. He adds something new to the rap genre that is genuine and hard to come by. Tracks like “Circles,” “Sunflower,” and “Goodbyes” are some examples of songs that show real human emotion that any regular person can go through.

#3: K-12 by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez has had a rocky past few years. Her debut album shot her to stardom in 2015, but it took four years to produce her latest concept album, K-12. However, her fandom still remains. The tracks, similarly to those in Cry Baby, are all metaphors for bigger issues. Martinez sticks to the theme of a girl struggling in school, so all of the songs have a double meaning. Her interesting voice, touching lyrics, and catchy beats are the perfect recipe for a great album with a story. Songs like “Wheels on the Bus,” “Show and Tell,” and “Highschool Sweethearts” are real standouts.

#2: Cuz I Love You by Lizzo

I knew nothing about Lizzo before her third album, Cuz I Love You, was released in April, but now she’s one of my favorite artists. Her rapping is so good that even those who are not fans of the genre are able to get something out of it. Her singing is even stronger, with major gospel vibes oozing out of the notes she hits. On top of both of those, her lyrics are super self-love and body positive, with lyrics like “I know I’m a queen, but I don’t need no crown” and “I’m my own soulmate.” She even crushed a duet with Missy Elliot. I’m so excited to hear her next projects.

#1: Pony by Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County has gained a lot of recognition this past year, and it’s well-deserved. This recording artist, whose real name is Alexander O’Conner, is making waves with his indie pop that is mixed with jazz. His voice is distinct and his music is lively. This album was far different than the rest of 2019.

2020, give us all you’ve got.